Swathi Arora  

Software Programmer

At LearnIn you get the best of knowledge and the way they follow is in the form of modules and also at the end of modules you will need to give a project based on that module. The learning here is fun and interactive. There is a progression to more advanced ideas and the course here is very useful and I enjoyed the course right from the beginning. And this is the best course which I ever took.

Chaitanya Ram  

System Analyst

The trainer here teach the course is very easy to understand and in a period of time you can be able to pick up the things faster. Its really fun to take up classes here with LearnIn and the course format is very well setup and also provides an adequate knowledge about the syntax and semantics of the course.

Kim Walter  

Mangement consultant

It’s an incredible course and taught in a very organized fashion. The exercises are surprisingly very easy to understand with the excellent faculty. The trainers here are really great and give us a clear understanding of how it works and how to write things in a certain way.

Edmund Timberlake  

Senior Software Engineer

The trainer at LearnIn did a pretty nice job of engaging the participants in to course. The indepth knowledge of the trainer is commendable and his explanations were detailed enough for anyone to get a grasp of the course. The trainers here give us the solid foundation and also the passion for learning more.


Project Manager

I had attended a couple of demo session with other training institutes before joining Edureka. I can safely say Bigdatacoe is one of the best training company. They have good trainers with excellent communication skills. Bigdatacoe has a very good support team which is always ready to help you out (haven't seen this with other). The classes happen over the weekend. The marketing team is extremely flexible and understanding.

Navdeep Mitthal  

Program Manager

Hi, These videos are really very much helpful, I am thankful to this website for providing such opportunity to learn about Apache storm and Hadoop. Thank you!

Yogesh Patil  

System Analyst

I found the videos to be very helpful in getting to know what/how Apache Storm and the other technologies work.


In response to : Connector development kit.

The support team at LearnIn is really something that works exceptionally well. As soon I registered my query they resolved it in no time which surprised me very much. Keep up the good work LearnIn.


In response to: How to configure Sqoop files?

The team has supported me with the detailed answer to my query, there was a quick and prompt response from the team and they helped me with the complete logging configuration. I thank you all for all the support and help.


In response to: How to install a new connector to Sqoop2?

Thank you for the wonderful support. I am completely satisfied with the way you supported me. Great.


In response to : How to install Sqoop2 on remote server?

I am fully satisfied with the response and the time they have taken to rectify my problem. Or I would like to say in no time they solved my problem.

Rajan Mehta

In response to : What is the command to run PigMix from Pig_Home?

A big thanks to the entireLearnIn’sBig Data Hadoop Team! You have delivered informative Hadoop online tutorials and the support team is just awesome. Highly experienced and qualified support team is present here. I am extremely happy for enrolling with LearnIn. They are just awesome people. Thank you once again.

Deepak Mahajan

In response to: Facing problem with importing Pig project into Eclipse.

Thanks a lot to the prompt reply of the support team, I was very much happy to the way they assisted me in my problem and quikly they could rectify the same.

Nagaraj Mohandas

In response to : How to run a single testcase with Hadoop 2.x.?

Thank you very much, Ashok. You called me when I was not clear and sure about my query and provided all the answers to my queries. This is what you really expect from you guys. Once again thank you very much Ashok and LearnIn.


In response to: How to compile Hive on Master?

Thank you so much for all the help and support from the support team. I thought I will be stuck here for the problem I face but the quick response I got from them is really appreciable. Thanks a lot to the support team.

Surya Prabhakar

In response to: how to customize the format of Apache Weblog?

Thank you very much for assisting me in my problem, I am very much thankful to the complete team of LearnIn for helping me out with my minor to minor problems also.


In response to: How to run WebHCat server from the shell in Hive release 0.11.0?

I am overwhelmed for the support I got from the team of LearnInthroughout my Hadoop journey. It was such a wonderful experience. I thank each & everyone who has contributed in solving my problem which I faced during the running of WebHCat server. Please convey my Best Regards to the team.